2months…already…and how it feels to be a *YoYo-Ashtangi*…

So I’m definitely not the day2day-blogger, … but when i feel i do….

Many things happened in the last 2 months, today it happened that i found this video, which “AshtangaYogaStudent” posted on youtube, and i want to share on my blog. Sometimes my mind comes up with picturephrases, so it was today…Little me is becoming a *YoYo-Ashtangi* in the last years, which means through varying bodyconditions, i’m bouncing inbetween the sequences, i’ve learned, back and forth – actually more back than forth, practicing nearly never as much, as my ego has the idea  –  it should be…This causes a lot of mindblabla, and because i cannot change it through willpower, “letgo” has to fall from the head into the heart, which takes sooooo long for little impatientMe, but through just practicing daily, as much as possible, and try not to judge it, i get the chance to learn the important things…

… keep practicing, whatever is your practice … and with “whatever” i dare to say it doesn’t have to be Ashtanga, pssst don’t tell anybody, hihi …Ashtanga is my personal spleen,  and …trust …Telling you from on the way, inbetween head and heart…

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