Vanity Fair on Jois Yoga …

If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link to  the article, and a little glimpse in the old shala … Guruji in action with Manju standing in the back, and Rolf practicing in thr front

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3 thoughts on “Vanity Fair on Jois Yoga …

  1. I like this:

    “…John Friend, the creator of another popular form of yoga, called Anusara, likes to say that Anusara is the “yoga of yes.” Tim Miller tells me, only half-jokingly, that Ashtanga is the “yoga of no…”

  2. drishdiderwischdi on said:

    Re-reading the vanity fair article ( btw I didn´t find the foto in it) I found it
    very thought provoking.
    The red line to me is how differently people perceive guru figures.
    Lack of discernment and simple mindedness are bitter lessons – not only
    on a spiritual path.
    We don´t have to go to south india to find out about the lot of grey there is
    in people – (and gurus) between all black and white.
    Sigmund Freud´s analysis of the subconsciousness
    is just another side of the big coin of yoga.
    Maybe one facet of the “asthanga scene struggle” is the typical male approach
    to define “absolute” methods, persons and schools, which prevents from seeing
    all the fine facets and shades on a winding road.
    I´m actually happy to have found you as my asthanga teacher for this very reason.
    Your approach is much more intuitive & deep reaching – showing the fore-
    AND rearsides of yoga at the same time.
    As the sages from the east say: everyone gets the teacher he deserves.
    Good karma and no need for india any time soon !

  3. Thanx for your comment, and compliment, dear drishdiderwischdi … i see myself as a student 😉 and the picture is from one of my times in the old shala at Laxmipuram … have a wonderfull day …

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