Thank you Guruji …

After disaströse practice on monday, and happy moonday yesterday, today it was the total opposite. Focused, strong and flexible, rare moments, at least for me when all the good things come together. This is what i call a Guruji-Gift. We do always the same every day, and it is ashtonishing how different it feels, it’s never the same! We can do a lot of trying to understand the 1% theory … but the gift is in the 99% practice. And no matter if it is a “good” or a “bad” practice, thats only judging fom a limited point of view, if we do …  afterwards there is this feeling … everything is OK just as it is.  Limited me tends to forget that, and so i recharge tomorrow morning.

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One thought on “Thank you Guruji …

  1. God bless him.
    I never met P.J. nor have I been to Mysore…
    but man – does his system WORK, which says it all.

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