Sometimes it’s like this …

Monday morning 6am, alarm starts making sound…I’m awake already, but as nearly always, i take the luxury to wait for another 10 or so minutes, to get out of my cosy bed.  – Meditation, well i would not call it Meditation, it was more like going to the movies this morning. After the Sitting, Asthangapractice – Doing the first Sunsalutation i get the feeling ohhhjeoohhjeee, this is going to be difficult, and of course, when you start your practice with stupid judgemennts, like this, how can it be easy then? Why am i thinking like this, i know it better, and still – ok, lets focus on the bandhas – but my back hurts and i don’t like that, also princesswrist is not in the verybest mood today,  – this means i have to be careful and focused, that i don’t overdo it, and i’m bored of that, because my ego wants something different, exciting, jumping through and working on jumpbacks, but sensitive wrist has different point of view, which means, knowing already that my concentration is not the best at the moment, i have to be extracarefull . Gääääähhhnn! Drishtis help you to stay focused, hmm well not today, then ok, counting – count your breath bettina, i say to myself, just to find out a few breaths and asanas later, that i already totally forgot about the counting, the Drishtis, the Bandhas, and even i forgot Purvattanasana … realising it is that bad, makes me laugh and relax for  the next few asanas, and schwupps focus is back, just to get lost again a little later. This all happens inside my head, while going through the sequence, looking foreward to Savasana. Grande Casino. And then 9:15am i’m happy that i managed not to give up.  ….. Sounds familiar???

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s like this …

  1. it sounds very familiar dear Bettina, but always try not to give up…big hug…

  2. Thanks for sharing !
    You are a true inspiration for all your students !

    It takes a lot of creative motivation (which IMO is a more contemporary term for discipline)
    these days to maintain a daily yoga practice through all the 1000 distractions.

    Someday, sometime, somewhere I´ll start practicing daily –
    until then you´ll keep me inspired : )

    Nice blog. Keep on the good work !

  3. Thank you dear drishtiderwischdi for your encouraging comment.

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