DIY … change your view …

Are you sometimes feeling a little depressed, looking outside your window, and everything is grey?… German weather likes the colour grey a lot, actually me too, but i prefer grey sweaters. so what i did a while ago is, making little starholes in a piece of paper and put it on my window … A little silly idea, but it gives me always that extrasmile, when i look through the stars. This is only a simple paper-window game, but on a wider scale changing the view, is super exiting, p. e. if something happens we don’t like, if we try to change the view from “Auweia why this now, and I don’t like it, i’m disturbed , why me, etc. etc., remembering that we only can see the “bad” things, because they resonate with something in us too,  to “well this is the reality, how i experience it at the moment, and there are so and so many reasons why it feels like this now, and well, it could be that they have not so much to do, with what actually happens, maybe better not tooo much judging”… ui it gets interessting and we have something to work with, can we change something, can we accept what is right now, can we relax in difficult situations?  … Not that i’m very good in things like this, but i try to, my remedies are Ashtanga-Yoga and Meditation, what are yours?

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4 thoughts on “DIY … change your view …

  1. I like the idea of the little stars! My remedy: journal writing. First, it was on paper and now using a little app called Day One. Ashtanga Yoga isn’t a bad approach either, I agree.

  2. Thank you dear Sven, journal writing, thats also a very good option, i used to do the so called morning-pages, where you write 3 pages uncesored, what ever comes in your mind…hmmm and this app looks interesting …

    • drishtiderwischti on said:

      Not only is it grey – it also is snowing – a lot –
      especially here in the mountains. Plus my car is in repair, trains delay and you wait in the cold for busses which dont arrive – so cold not even Ujai did work. And finally I lost my credit card. And the Snowthrower does no work. Aaaarghh! 3 hours of snow shoveling
      is a humbling experience. I confess – nature happens to be STRONGER than man…time to relax now…still looking for the remedy here – or at least someone to blame…

  3. wow dear drishtiderwischti, that sounds intense….hope you are fine ! If nothing works, (haha i know that feeling) … at least we have good stories to tell, when we are back in safe cosy sourroundings…stay warm!!

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