Ashtangayoga * Assistant Milarepa the cat …

well, i really love my cat , and he gets more and more interrested in my yogapractice … so i have some extra drishtis, which are not mentioned in the sequence, and they are very hard to ignore. Yeah, Yeah, jai,…i lost my focus when little tiger came in this morning, checking if it is worth it to fight with my towel, and oooohhhhh yes definitely it is, with all his little catpower, look at his rapidely moving head!I was practicing on my own for the last 14 or is it already 15? years, except the times when i was in Mysore with Guruji, lucky enough to catch a glimpse, and have some years in the old shala in Lakshmipuram, or when i’m in C’à le Suore, and Kovalam with Lino, and i love it, plus i hate it, because it is difficult, there is no groupenergy which keeps me going and i have to face all the stupid little thoughts coming up, all the worries about practice, life etc. etc. no quick look to someone else in the room, which inspires me, saves me from what’s inside me. At the same time, there is this phantastic quality in Selfpractice, this going under the surface of all things outside, and sometimes, you go inside, and everything is quiet…so, should i ban lovely Milarepa from my yogaroom to maintain my splendid isolation? …NO! things are changing, and now i have this cazy little assistant who requires some extradrishtis, which he gets, just because he is so supercute, and i’m not an Ashtangarobot, and he teaches me to include him friendly, and not get too much distracted in my practice. … there is always something to learn … My sensitive wristprincess, told me to only step back and foreward, no jumping today, and by the time, i was preparing for Urddhva Dhanurasana, Milarepa came again and put his little paw on my belly. I slowly tried to come up into the pose, not before –  me” bad lady ” – taking a photo 😉 and immediately realized, no no Urdhvapressure for my wrist today. have a wonderfull tuesday everybody…

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2 thoughts on “Ashtangayoga * Assistant Milarepa the cat …

  1. drishtiderwischdi on said:

    Milarepa says:
    Drishti ? Derwischdi !
    und schon gehört Yoga der Katz : ))

  2. Danke für das comment liebe(r) drishtidewischdi – was für ein cooler Name, beschreibt exat das was Milarepa da spielt …

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