friday primary

I just love the soft and quiet feeling of early mornings, and today the view from my small ashtangaroom is so beautifull … this is how it looked, when i sat down for meditation …by the  time to start my yogapractice the view was still very beautifull outside …and inside …

It is one of those days, where my ashtangapractice is just a gift from i don’t know which boddhisattva helped me 😉 Stepped on my mat with a lot of worries about strange pain in my left wrist, fellow Ashtangies will know how tricky it is with a not so superOK wrist, but as i decided for this year of practice to treat all the little and big pains, coming and going, as what they are … impermanent… and from the higher level, which i don’t experience yet, an illusion … i just started my sunsalutations very carefull and aware of the sensations in my little princesswrist, and she whispered “oh it’s ok if you take care of me beings sensitive today, …and don’t start to jump arround like a mad woman” DEAL – i whispered back to her…and breathed through the Sequence. A light practice happened and the wrist is happy, me of course also. Have a wonderfull day everybody xoxo

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